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In the animal kingdom, animals have respect for larger animals, especially predators. This man thinks lions African lion are bigger than Siberian tigers. So go look at some little kiddy stuff, until your ready to be at our level. You need more than one person to take this stubborn brat James to school. The bottom line is that, dare i repeat myself, cats are built for hunting, and bears are built for fighting. Lightskin Milf working out in the gym.

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And they do it often! It is not unlikely at all for people to kill lions. Also, Mario just made arbitrary assumptions. Man, your brave ninja-lions from hell who can destroy anything in their path are pretty afraid of a weasel. I will ask this question one more time; what mammalian land predator could beat the male lion? Again, Unknowledge, — you simply display your opinion — its basically worthless..

Do some fact checking about unarmed human survival rates — when attacked by real predators.. The only predator that regularly beats the male lion is.. By definition that means you are stupid. Personally i would like to believe a bear would win. However from videos ive seen it looks like Bears dont really have expeirence going one on one with lethal animals other then other bears.

Lions are very agile and strategic with every swipe. A lethal blow from a bear is a game changer but watching the few animal fights ive seen it looks like the lion ovepowered it with speed, fear and lack of hesitation. The lion takes down larfe animal at full speed but mannnnnn. Lets hope it doeant happeb but hell of a fight tho.

Jordan, so why do you have such a fetish — for big fat hairy stinky dumpster divers? Lions have been known to avoid and sometimes be killed by honey badgers. How will he kill the bear and eat it when the bear has already thrown the lion to the moon? Polar bears can drag beluga whales out of the water, and battles between polar bears are intense.

Their claws are hooked, and their flesh is thick. They can run up to 30 mph for moderate times. Their claws are larger than the lions, as well as their bite force. Their canine teeth are around the same size. Their fur is inches thick, and that is just the outer coat. I see no way why the lion would win. In the animal kingdom, animals have respect for larger animals, especially predators.

The polar bear is by far the most aggressive bear, and the least likely to back down. Male lions back down to larger male lions, so what reason would a male lion have to not back down to a behemoth, aggressive boar polar bear? You must not know anything about polar bears. They live 6 months in pitch blackness in the harshest place on earth, without hibernating, still hunting prey.

Undeniably, someone is the..

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Lions have extensible claws.. Even with a grizzly bear, look at Alaska. In Alaska, bears have no dumbsters and must fight for dominance in fishing streams, as well as for mates. First of all the King of bears is a Kodiac which basically is a Grizzly plus lbs Male Kodiac Bears often exceed lbs with 6 inch claws. A large Kodiac can run with a racehorse for short bursts and break the back of a lb bull with a single swipe of its paw Google Bart the Bear I dont care what kind of cat your referencing nothing remotely could give a adult male Kodiac a run for its money in any type of fight.

African lions are voracious predators, and in the case of such a battle, the lion would almost always win. The bear holds the advantage in terms of size, but the leaner lions are more agile than the fat laden bears…. Lions are built to fight and they can be more aggressive than Grizzly bears. Brown bears are BORN fighters. Lions may be fighters too, but when facing an opponent with surprising speed for their sise, intelligence, experience, and raw strength, they will be demolished.

Only in your ignorant dreams — will such ludicrous ideas exist.. In reality — however, the pig-eyed, dirt-snuffling, dumpster-diving fat-as bruin — is way out of his league versus the killer-elite, big boss lion.. A kodiak grizzly will easily dispatch any lion without the help of a pride. A Grizzly would rise on its hind legs and kill the lion with a paw swipe to the spine.

Too fat, too slow.. James, you are wrong and you know this. King of the jungle? Everyone, I say we work together to ban James, I cannot stand the bastard, asswipe, whore, and dumbass all combined. We should do it. James, I know your type. You are an internet flamer. You avoid straight on questions and direct the debate away from the subject at hand.

I can play this game too ;. They have enough poison to kill 30 humans with a single tentacle bite. Does this make them the baddest animal to walk the planet? The Lion loses to the Grizzly. Accept this fact and be happy man. The truth will set you free: You are just here to badger. You simply display your ignorance.. I ask you how would a lb lion face off against a 12, lb elephant.

The elephant weighs 8 times the weight of the grizzly. The grizzly weighs 4 times the weight of the lion. Except for stupidities like Sumo wrestling.. To be generous unlike you, rob I am going to relate the bear in human terms, to a Sumo wrestler, rather than an obese dumpster diving, skid-row bum ,. James, when you say Bears are dumpster divers,fat slobs etc.

Lions are hunters and need a pack to bring down larger prey than themselves. His niche in nature is to protect the pride and their cubs against other male lions who want to take it over. There is also a flaw in your elite boxer vs a sumo wrestler. That said,there were 2 instances where the wrestler got mad and took matters into his own hand.

Gorilla Monsoon picked up Muhammed Ali,put him in a airplane spin and then body slammed him to the mat hard. Andre the Giant picked up Chuck Wepner and tossed him over the top rope onto the hard concrete. Wepner broke protocol started fighting for real. Andre made him pay dearly. You say you are seeking knowledge. James the hippo kills more people then any lion and uses its fat to protect its self from the crocodiles in the water that it lives in that fat if you can carry it acts like a shield and teeth only dig so deep.

Fvck with the bull and you get the horns. A grizzly outweighs the buffalo by an average of lbs. Lions are cool,but they need an entire pride to bring a bigger opponent down. Look bro, selection biased much? Your cited vid does not feature a prime boss lion.. So for real lion feats, check this vid out: Compare to this one, which shows how lame bear fights really are.. The 2nd video of bears fighting you posted are bears that weigh less than lbs.

I know he will. He outweighs the grizzly by 7 times. They chose a Bengal tiger because they are lbs heavier than a African lion. The experts in these shows specialized in the species they studied. Mechanical engineers built models based on abilities scientifically proven by the combatants.

Grizzly vs Tiger was a walk through for the bear. The Kodiak Grizzly Bear is simply much bigger and more powerful than any feline that walks the planet. One paw swipe from a Kodiak Grizzly or Polar bear and a tiger or Lion is taking a permanent dirt nap. You really have no idea.. James,you just lost any shred of credibility you had.

How do I know this? My Father lives there 6 months out of the year. Once again, you seek conformation bias,not knowledge. Lions and Tigers are magnificent and beautiful animals. In fact, the bear was then scared off by her dog — which belatedly showed up in response to her screams.. James, quite frankly,you have began to bore me. Your answer was the elephant will easily defeat the bear.

Only a moron would think a kodiak bear would win that fight. The strongest animal on earth using that formula is the dung beetle They can carry over times their body weight. I think both of us agree a human can easily stomp one and make that beetle a grease spot.

The polar and grizzly bear make this list. The problem is a kodiak or polar bear would simply absorb the punch. Size matters my man. They outweigh any feline on earth by three times. Sorry to burst your bubble,but those bears are the apex land predators in North America.

No feline in Africa will stand a chance. In your world a lion could kill 3 Bull elephants with no help. James, you really need to educate yourself and stop seeking conformation bias. Ignorance is defined as not having having knowledge due to the lack of being taught. Stupidity is defined as being taught and not being able to comprehend facts based on said training. You are the latter man.

But then, Barbary lions dominated the Atlas brown bears which had shared their habitat, back in those times, naturally.. African and Asian bears are not in the same area code of size and power as the Kodiak grizzly or Polar bear. You discount the Tiger vs Bear video I posted,but this is really how both animals fight and attack in nature.

A feline from the house cat to the Siberian tiger pounce. A bear will stand on their hind legs in an attempt to absorb said pounce. There is no feline on our planet currently who has the size and power to take on an adult male Kodiak or Polar bear. What you have been skirting in every comment is that fact. Tigers or Lions can easily dispatch any species of bear weighing approx.

Sloth bears of India are a good example. That species tops out around Lbs. No lion or tiger is going to stand a chance against those species. Do you think a Lb lion can take out a 6 ton African bull elephant one on one? Why do you keep avoiding this question? James, this will be my last post. If others read this,and want to comment ,so be it.

Yes, I have researched this topic. A larger animal is going to win a one on one fight you idiot. You are not going to misdirect me away from that question. The fact that you keep avoiding it proves you seek nothing but conformation bias. Typical fat-boy fantasy, it seems like.. Elephant is on the lion menu though, — along with all African mega-fauna, just as I have also previous noted..

Bears are there own people and so are lions. If they fight and get hurt then the balance will be bad in nature. Food will be harder to be found by everyone and could lead to more widespread problems in general. Leave the animals home. Guys you need to face the reality.. If bear chooses to fight toe to toe using his paws then the lion is done for.

The fair match would be a Kaziranga Tiger vs Grizzly Bear. The Lions does not have forelimbs and backlimbs as heavyli muscled as tiger. The larger, heavier and stronger bear will win every time. I knew a account where a Grizzly bear made short work of a Lion and yet you dare to label lion as king of the beasts, How pathetic.

Then you will see, ludicrous bear fan-boy fantasies — are trumped by facts, just as bear attributes — as an adept killer of large animals — are, by the lion. Bear is dead meat, when prime pride boss lion wants to eat. Jamea when will you learn?

It is a common knowledge the larger animal will win every time. Grizzly possess almost all the advantages, compared to its size grizzly has amazing agility. One strike from grizzly is enough to put so-called king of beasts out of action. Bears cant do massive leaps, from a run, or still.. Bears have no real biting prowess,or power..

Bears have blunt, fixed claws.. Bears are fat-as garbage chasers…. No animal is born to kill, your comment is full of fanciful fanboy rant. Rob is right you will never seek knowledge. Ummm I changed my mind, there are accounts of cougars and bears calling out draw so the bigger and stronger lion is expected to put up a good a fight.

But still I think the bear had more chances of winning, obviously because they are far bigger and owes greater strength. Just check some vids of bears.. Bear weight gain — as fat, is of no fighting value.. Honestly — check the vids of bears confronting large animals — bears are amateurish.. Could a bear face down a crocodile, or aggressive cape buffalo, as boss lions do?

Actually James, he took you to school and you failed his course. I took the time to read the entire comment section again. It proves what others and I have been saying all along. A Lb Lion is not going to win a fight with the largest carnivore that walks the planet.

The Grizzly or Polar bear is going to crush a lion. They are just bigger,faster,and stronger than any lion. It shows your ignorance. Lions run at 30 Mph. Nor can they leap out in ambush, or sprint… Lions sprint quicker than a cheetah — from a standing start.. It s a fact rob.. You are a true moron James. This statement just blew every point you tried to make out of the water.

Research man, knowledge is a beautiful thing. James I never said Lion will win the fight, I only said that lion is expected to put up a good fight. In truth a Lion can never win this fight. Apologies for that transcription error — try this; https: Of course rob, you have shown yourself incapable of providing any reputable data, or even links — to such..

The Bear is bigger,stronger,has denser bones,and more stamina. You have ignored these facts the last two years. Once again,conformation bias not knowledge. To a boss lion, the grizzly bear is meat to be taken down, whether fat-as for Xmas, or not..

You can then revise your ill-informed views about lions, accordingly. James this is why you are no biologist,full of BS and a Lion fan boy who is mad because his beloved feline would get crushed by a Kodiak grizzly or Polar bear who can weigh in excess of Lbs. You have the knowledge to do a little bit of research.

Take off the blinders and do it. A puny lb Lion would get crushed. The same for a Rhino and Hippo. If you think for one second a solitary Lion stands a chance against those three, you need help bro. Take the blinders off man. A zoologist, with specific research data, maybe.. High protein intake allows the superior muscle development of the lion, with its adept beast-killing capability, due to its recent evolutionary advent.

Elephant, hippo, rhino, giraffe are all big prey items for lions, but are indeed taken down, these are feats of true hunting prowess, — at which the amateurish grizzly bear would be useless , so even a fattest bear, which is much less impressive an animal, would present itself as just more tasty meat, thus to be relentlessly subjugated — by the real big boss of apex land predators, the lion..

The bears he is referring to have a larger length, head, paws and muscle then the ones you are talking about if it was a fat bear then those would be the same as the ones in your fantasies. The outweigh Lions by nearly 4 times. You are stupid if you believe a lion has a chance against the largest carnivore that walks the planet.

Use common sense man. It goes to your lack of credibility — that is quite shameful.. Trolling is no substitute for a reality check, something — which you repeatedly fail.. How do you not get that being massively fat is no use in a fight, in fact it is an impediment to effective combat..

You really need to lose that fat-as fantasy realm of yours.. Come on dude, is this the best you have? The Lion is PSI. Felines have lightweight bones built for speed. They are no match for the bigger and stronger Kodiak or Polar bear. If those species can decapitate a moose,what do you think they will do to a Lion or Tigers spine? Do at least find some actual research based data, its not too hard..

Actual footage, natural wildlife vids? James, this will be my last post on this forum. If others decide to chime in,so be it. This entire thread has shown you do not seek knowledge. Big fish eat little fish. I know you are a flamer and will try to misdirect the truth by saying a Pirranah eats much bigger fish.

Wake up from your dream. Obsession with fat-as fur-bags blinds you to the shown facts.. Do try to comprehend, rob.. Head to head a bear wins easy…lions ambush.. It like saying a lion vs an eliphant.. So when the amateur, clumsy, blunt-clawed, dirt-scratching, fish-breathed, dumpster-diving, bully-cannibal ball of fat-as fur.. Unless of course, you are just another fat-as furry fanboy troll..

Every time you type a response shows just how stupid you are. What you are referring to is instinct, the bears are clever and figure out how to open your dumpsters, where the best spots are for certain berries and fish, the bears instinct tells him I can catch those fish by grabbing then, you keep saying they are circus animals, they are smart enough to learn these things while your lion is to stupid to learn the simplest tricks.

James, I have had it. You know what you are? You are a pussy. You are a dreamer, a flamer. You think you can insult people, but you never even use proper grammar! Way too short of paragraphs, thinking that makes you sophisticated. You cannot roast or insult someone. You can do stuff in life, and I think you already are.

You can be who you want to be, but just try not to waste this much time arguing about a lion. Why are you such a pretentious hypocrite? It seems the Lion is super willing to engage in combat with other animals and usually rushes the bear head on and bites its neck until the bear gives in. Very rarely does the Bear manage to kill a Male african lion.

Tigers also do very well agaisnt bears often killing them the same way the Lion does. And when it comes to Male lions vs Male Tigers the Lions usually win even though the tigers are generally abit heavier. The mane and the fact the lions are generally more willing to fight to the death is what gives them the edge. Real answers found here: Unless you provide truth, you are a moron.

Ah, rob, got nothing but cheap insults.. Why are you not ready to face the reality James? A kg hairy predator is not going to win against a killer. Swampy, are you referring to rob as the kg hairy fat-as? So you have a thing for his homo-stereotype? Ok, Swami with nil idea.. No James, you are the loser because you fail to grasp reality. You still choose to ignore them and seek conformation bias.

Your lack of self-awareness is on par with your lack of credibility.. Really now, So a 6 ton Bull Elephant is on the menu for a Lion? Grizzly bears however, would stand no chance.. Just like you, rob.. Check the youtube clip of an elephant herd being played the recording of a boss male lion roaring..

Its hilariously funny that Hollywood movies which feature angry bears.. You are beyond ignorant. You are truly fucking stupid. You know, this truly is silly. This battle is like harry potter vs percy jackson… lion harry potter is gonna get literally annihilated. Boy, you really like lions. What would win, lion or Asian cow elephant completely random elephant?

Well, except of course the halitosis….. Lion VS elephant is a natural event, yeah so some lions specialize in taking them on, as prey items, via apex dominance routines — yet also, other lions may avoid confrontations with elephants.. But the fact remains that the big cats will make the choice to execute particular hunting schemes as a needful matter, since unlike bears, they will not live like pigs, rooting around in the dirt..

Yeah but the problem is grizzly bear is twice the size of African lion. I agree the lion is the better fighter and hunter, but bear is to big, to strong. Now were not talking Siberian tigers, were talking grizzlies! Even a pride of lions could without doubt miserably fail to catch Asian or African cow elephant.

Can I switch the topic? Jaguars are boss cats and has a against the lion. So lion is going down. Whats not to like? You think a lion can beat a polar bear! Even a grizzly would give a lion a beat down. Too funny, — just like a bear doing its circus clown act, on a weeny bike.. I still think grizzly would win, despite what James said… I am only 11 years old, and I seem to know mooe than most of the people here… because I do research.

So James, do you think a lion could beat a Siberian tiger? You need to check the data links listed above in this thread.. Well, we do argue quite a bit… but there is no point in arguing here, the bear is twice the size of lion… and could go on all day while the lion would be spent in ten minutes. I have a question for you: Do you onpurposley spell everyones name wrong?

Another thing… what is with the horrible english? There has been no case where the lion has defeated the bear. Tiger destroys lion and bear destroys lion. Sir I have one question for you. What can beat a lion? Are you really rob? Or just a punk kid — troll in training… L. I have never ate from McDonalds. But you clearly have.

I just agree with Rob on this fight. You are just trying to start an argument. As Mr T was wont to remark.. How old are you? I pity the lion when he gets his heart ripped out. There have been so many cases of the lion getting destroyed by the bear. Lion has never beat a bear. Bears are surprisingly fast and agile for their huge size.

And do you know how big they an get? Also they are stronger than grizzlies. The ghost-troll still lingers on here, disgustingly like a garbage-guts bear fart.. Noun A joke disguised as an outrageously stupid statement, intended to trap people into believing it is serious. James, this is the urban dictionary definition of troll.

It fits you like a T Shirt I might add. You are hilarious — since even a puny lb wild lion would easily deal to such a fat-as bear.. For sure, such a stupidly obese bear would go the same way.. You clearly are purposely trying to spell my name wrong… I forgot one really important piece if information. Of course bear wins, cause I forgot: How can you be so stupid — as to conflate obesity with combat capability?

Lions are real muscular.. Fat comes to an advantage, James. The lion will never be able to cut through the bears skin. Also Grizzly bears are much stronger than African lion. They are also more intelligent than the stupid African lion. Plus, bears have way more stamina than African lion. Lions just sit around all day, and the females hunt for them.

Bears roam around a lot. So the lions going to get his ass handed to him. Fat-as bears cannot leap, climb, or sprint-attack.. If you stupidly imagine that lions are as stupid as you.. My dear James is still diving into stupidity. James, you really need to pick another hobby.

You have not only lost this debate, you have done it in embarrassing fashion. Why do you have to be so wrong? Hoe do you not know this? He knows that brown bears that do not have ready access to a rich fatty diet.. Bear get dealt to.. Again with the stupidity. You have been found guilty of being a stupid son of a bitch.

The more you type, the more you prove. I actually pity you. Oh dear, how sad.. Accept it, love it,and you are living it. Read through the entire thread. You are beyond a moron man. You cannot answer a simple yes or no question. Lions hunt elephants, bears do not.. But the troll in you rob, simply cannot cope with such cognitive dissonance, which — via realization of the facts, results in — your deranged mental state..

Please tell me how the hell a bear is supposed to hunt in Elefant in America and a lion has to have a lot of help to take on an elefant and they typically only go for the babies because they would get crushed and skewered if they got close to an adult. You are correct, rob.

James, the lion will get beaten up. Why do you have blind faith in lions? If I may ask? The beat will win easily. And please, stop calling me stupid boy. So of your going to assault me, do it right. You are proving yourself worthy of that nickname, kid.. The bear gets beat down by the boss lion, so — get used to it..

The grizzly bear will defeat the lion. The author is right. There has been no case where the lion has defeated the bear, but there have been several where the bear won. Here are the facts: A Grizzly bear is taller, longer and heavier than African lion. B Grizzly bear possesses so much fat which helps him get rid of lion paw swipes. C Grizzly bear has twice or more the amount of bite force than African lion.

D Grizzly bear is more intelligent than African lion. E Grizzly bear has much more stamina than than lion. G Grizzly can stand on his hind legs for very long time and can maul with his paws simultaneously. H Grizzly bear has stronger, more deadly paw swipes than African lion. See, my facts went up to H. As for standing on hind legs — such a foolish posture..

See here; bear loses: Yeah, cause lions are totally the size of bears. Bears have much bigger claws, and so much fat that the lion will never be able to do any serious damage. Even bears, which are omnivores, have twice the bite force of a lion. It is scientifically proven. Lions will never be able to dig their claws into all that fat. As for the bite force grizzlies do have the stronger bite, they have twice as much psi than a lion.

It is scientifically proven here: You just have no idea, do you sonny.. I meant bears have lots of stamina. Please, give me some facts! I just gave you a bunch of facts. No lion would be stupid enough to take on a grizzly bear! Look at all the cases where the lion got crushed by the grizzly!

The lion never won. So the bear will win easily. Also you blame the bear for just sitting around all day, but they roam around a lot. Lions do nothing but mark their territory and from time to time have to fight another lion to keep his pride. Lions use all four meat-hook claw equipped paws for combat, in fact.. The boss lion dominates the fat-as bear..

You are trying to tell me a lion is stronger than a bear, maybe for weight to strength ratio but all in all a bear is many times stronger than a lion. Polar bears are primarily blubber gobblers.. You preach science,but ignore facts that disagree with your feline love. We are not laughing with you. We are laughing at you. All we are asking is for you to gain a modicum of common sense.

In essence, it makes you stupid. I know that;s not a nice statement,but you keep digging a bigger hole every time you type on your keyboard. You — as befits such a mental pygmy of a troll.. Hence you are functionally incapable of resisting resorting to ludicrous fanboy rants. Such are the attributes of real apex dedicated killer predators.. Bullshit James, but you know this already.

Grizzlies and Polar bears have bite forces of PSI. Your beloved Lion is PSi. BTW, google bone density for bears vs any feline. If you do have common sense it will tell you why a felines spine would be snapped when a Kodiak or Polar bear connects with a paw swipe. James beloved lions bite force is psi. But thank you for putting this idiot in his place.

James, what the hell was that site? Seriously dude, grow up. Look at the damn facts James. You seriously, must learn to except those facts. And please, provide us with some facts, instead of bullshit. You called Rob a bullshitter but that is really what you are, you son of a bitch. Look kid, you are making a fool of yourself..

Funny, but the actual zoological research shows that the bear with the strongest bite — is the giant panda.. The grizzly bear is way less capable than a big cat — as a killer carnivore.. I think a lion can beat an elephant. I make up my own stuff, so I can support my lion fanboy realm! I weigh pounds! What animal can defeat a lion? How did you like that James? I still see you are living in a realm of fantasy, not excepting the truth.

Since your still a total baby, here you go: You keep saying my links are trash, but find me a source that says an African lion has a stronger bite than a grizzly bear. Your sources are unscientific.. See actual scientific studies.. Your foolish nonsense above bone density is also wrong..

James you keep saying my links are trash but I am yet to see you find me a link that says a lion has a stronger bite than a bear. You lack the basic intelligence we all have. So go look at some little kiddy stuff, until your ready to be at our level. It seems that you kid, are evidently developmentally retarded.. Check out a few actual scientific studies.. The science confirms what is readily seen in videos..

Big cat biting power- is yet another evolutionary adaptation which endows them with far superior killing capability to a dirt-grubbing,pig-rooting, fish-flipping dumpster diving brownie.. So, how many times.. However, the scientific evidence is clear.

Lion stands zero chance. There has been no case where the African lion has defeated the bear but there have been several where the bear has completely dominated the African lion. Grizzly bears do have the stronger bites than African lion, your lions bite force was way off. Grizzly bear bite force: Especially, as the linked literature reviews reporting the known combats..

Kid, you are being pathetically childish.. Who would win in a one on one fight, lion or hippo? Lion or white rhino? Bear inevitably loses badly to boss lion, as you lose like-wise — in this thread, rob.. Click your heels together and perhaps your dream comes true James.

You lost the first time your fingers hit the keyboard. You literally have no clue. You cannot back up your hypothesis with a valid study. You are the loser James. Everytime you type,the deeper hole you dig. So, your blatantly fraudulent troll-schtick..

Dude, I read your previous comments. Since when can a grizzly bear beat a Siberian tiger? Although the lion will be a bit tough in the end, I think it will eventually bow down before the heavy bear. But thats just my opinion, no offense. At first I actually had a really hard time deciding, I basically said But once I looked at the facts, I thought the bear would crush the lion.

I respect your opinion for the lion winning, just in my opinion the grizzly bear would be the winner. Anyways, Rob… give me an excuse why you posted a comment that said a grizzly bear would beat a Siberian tiger. I rebel against that thought. It is illogical for you to accept that tiger beats bear, but the lion does not..

Actually… now that you think about it… the lion would win. Sure bears are pretty tough… but there not made to fight lions and tigers. So the, I switch sides, lol. The huge fat bear over winter hibernation gives any fighting chance to the bear? You really have to provide me with some facts. Yeah rob defiantly earned the grizzly bear fanboy award.

I mean no offense to your opinion in any way. But if you want to persuade me, please list some facts why the lion will win. By all means the lion would certainly be a formidable opponent, but have you seen the grizzly bears in North America? Also in all the historical fights between the two, the bear has won every fight. No offense, I understand your opinion completely.

This fight would be like Jordan vs Harden. You criticize the bear of being lazy, but they roam around a lot, while lions just sleep and mark their territories all day. I bet you they weigh more than the entire lion just from muscle. So the lazy lion will get beaten easily.

What is this about then kid, another joke? As for your ignoramus-like assertions.. The bear also carries a massive gut complex, needful for it to digest a bunch of garbage such as found in the woods.. Whereas the lion, as an obligate carnivore, derives its fearsome power via musculature powered by meat — which does not need a huge gut to process..

Bears have learned to seek garbage by preference, since high-calorie human processed food is routinely thrown out. Grizzlies wish they had the skill set to obtain large quantities of good meat, so they will routinely go cannibal on smaller bears, given the opportunity. Check the African lion vs Siberian tiger page. I have proof that the tiger would win in my comments.

I have like 15 videos of the tiger showing dominance over the lion. That empire forum is the biggest joke in the world. James w… check the Siberian tiger vs African lion page. I have stored my evidence there. I have a bunch of videos. So go there, and check the 15 videos i posted 5 may be in tiger vs bear.

This fight would be like Mike Tyson vs Mohamed alee. As for lion vs bear… Dude, look at the facts. Eagle song, me and the majority of the people here have listed the same facts. Mike tyson would get jacked by Andre the giant, which is basically the case here. Yeah, well that BBC earth show actually does their work in zoos, where the actual animals are so they can see every animals characteristics, so they can determine who would win in a fight.

I really hope you mean a bengal tiger, not a Siberian tiger. Cause that tiger is a monster. No cat can beat it. KId, learn something huh.. That website also said the tiger would win. The bear vs lion empire forum was a complete and total joke, this one was okay. Then why did you link a site that said a tiger would beat the lion?

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Fun in the car tags: Thats why we have the lion of juddah. You cannot roast or insult someone. James, what the hell was that site? In the animal kingdom, animals have respect for larger animals, especially predators.

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Oh, thank you for taking the time to post a comment, it always makes me smile to read your notes first thing in the morning! I am always happy you like my new videos!

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