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He unfortunately likes to cling very tightly and it can be uncomfortable. She has a knack for knowing when exactly when someone needs a hug and will approach them with the offer. Bony, but average. Feitan Originally posted by friendshipfeelsbetter Whoever tries to get Feitan to hug them is a brave person. These are some of my resources!

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This is a great website for ancient language learners, and it provides resources for Egyptian, Mayan, Hittite, Latin, Old English, Etruscan, Gaulish, and several others. I have found the majority of resources that I have looked through helpful to my learning efforts.

They have dictionaries, grammars, charts, and texts, and it is a very comprehensive resource. This is a good resource for learners looking for audio files to help them practice their listening. This is a great resource for getting feedback on your writing in your target language. You can post things in your target language, and native speakers of that language will correct it, and you can do the same for other people!

This website offers a few books to read in different languages and is good for comparing different languages of the same book. This makes for good practice for reading in your target language. There are quite a few languages courses on this website, although several of them cost money.

However, there are quite a few courses that are free, and are good for introducing you to your language of choice. As mentioned above in the websites section, this app is so amazing for on-the-go language learning, as well as for subjects other than languages! It has the feel of using flashcards, but I just love using this app so much. Also mentioned in the websites section, this app is great for both learning new words and reviewing words that you have either memorized or have just been exposed to.

It might overwhelm you for a second. This is really great for finding stations in your target language, and it helps with practicing both comprehension of spoken language as well as introduces you to awesome music in your target language! This app presents words in the form of lists, and gives you vocab so that you can review it.

There are games that you can play, phrasebooks, and several other features. The interface is also really awesome and simple, so it makes learning easier than usual. Definitely a must have. The interface is awesome, and I love using it. This is more of a diy language learning resource.

I use it all the time for exams! This is an awesome app for watching videos in your target language, and is really good for learning new words. This series offers an astounding number of languages, and I have found them to be pretty effective in helping me learn languages. I have used the Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and Irish ones.

These are more for the linguistic lovers, since they catalog almost every living language in the world in every country, and provide language maps and statistics. Tuttle offers several different language books, and they all are very good in my opinion. Paleo Cream Of Mushroom Soup. Oven Baked Veggie Chips. Yellow Split Pea Potato Curry.

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Rhubarb Layer Cake.

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Male Writer: Ah, anniversary jokes are so funny. Because chicks always hate it when you don't remember anniversaries! After being matched up with several local families in need, the Team fulfilled many wish list items, and made the Holidays a little brighter for others.

It is an honor to share this giving tradition with so many. Happy Holidays to All! Her outstanding All Around score of Way to go, Addie! Novato Gymnastics. Posted 1 month ago. Posted 2 months ago. Unfold this pull-out wall frieze and travel along the Great Wall of China. You can get a copy anywhere books are sold in American or online at https: Perhaps somewhere in a parallel dimension, another Mixc Elephant avatar is giving another kid a bespoke tour.

Contrasting the launch image of Mixc World, which showcases a community of shared happiness and festivities, this one is about the intimate individual experience and relationship with the space. Elephant and little girl is main characters in the opening image of Mixc World, It is my intention to create a series of narration with reoccurring characters through the 3 consecutive Mixc World campaigns, I hope Mixc Elephant and Little Girl will become familiar friends with the audiences, and that audiences can partake in this visual journey.

Besides the familiar faces, many themes and ideas are carried over to this image from the launch image. For examples, the stripe motif is present here to sustain the impression of a continuous world. And of course, the sense of curiosity, wonder and fun set the tone for both of these pieces.

Many thanks to juries, my wonderful clients, ADs and agent morgangaynininc. Here are the works included-. XO Victo. Posted 6 months ago. Posted 10 months ago. Many thanks to my creative team at KAI. Posted 1 year ago.

Its such an incredible honor to receive 4 nominations and a Gold Medal. And third is anything to do with yandere. Clozemaster This website is great for learning languages through a sentence based, contextual experience.


In order to streamline postings to allow more quality drawing time, I am migrating to Instagram under the handle victongai. In this image, we see many gathered in a field of lucky flowers such as peonies, narcissus and peach blossoms, while Mixc Elephant is showering everyone with fireworks, gems tones and stars, representing luck, fortune and knowledge respectively. Thank you johnfleskes, Cathy and Arnie Fenner for this beautiful community that is Spectrum. For examples, the stripe motif is present here to sustain the impression of a continuous world.

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