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Mom came to stand in front of me, put her hand into the left pocket of her robe, pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. Finally, one morning, she's had enough. She gets mad, loses her temper and sends me to my mother's house to be punished. When I get to Mom's house, I learn that my wife has called her on the telephone and told her in graphic detail what I've been doing.

She's given my Mom, and my little sister, permission to punish me any way they see fit to break me of my sneaky masturbation habits. Now, I have to say right here this story is one of my most submissive stories. It has me being very submissive to my mother and my sister, and it has a strong female dominance theme. There's a lot of exhibitionism, voyeurism, CFNM, and humiliation in this story, and quite honestly, it's one of the best pieces I think I've ever written.

The prose is very believable, even though the story line is obviously pretty far fetched. But, all that aside, the story did give me a chance to write something that allowed my mother and my sister, as a team, to dominate, punish me and humiliate me. I scanned the page and then nodded my head. I felt my heart sink inside my chest knowing exactly what was in that story.

Then, looking up at my mother I said, "Please tell me you didn't read this story. So, is there anything you'd like to say before your punishment begins? I'm probably going to lose my wife over all this. I don't think I need any more stress in my life right now. I think you need to be punished for what you've done and now it's up to us to punish you.

It's as simple as that. She as wearing only a thin bra and a pair of tight, white panties, and when I saw her, the light bulb went on in my head. What I mean is, they were going to act out the story That's why my sister was in her bra and panties and my Mom was talking about punishment. Reaching into her robe pocket again, Mom pulled out a foil wrapped condom and tossed it to me.

I looked at Cassie and she was biting her lip, holding back an obvious smile. Cassie stepped up next to her and crossed her arms over her chest, saying, "You better do what she says. Get your penis hard And I mean that, so consider yourself duly warned. And after a minute or two, my cock was hard. I was literally shaking -- my chest was shuddering, and as I pumped my cock in front of my mother and my sister, the words of the story we were acting out played through my head.

Surely, they wouldn't follow the story line to the letter And as my hand moved up and down my cock, I silently prayed they wouldn't go through with this.

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Her eyebrows immediately shot up and her jaw dropped open. A few seconds later, my little sister stepped forward and took the condom out of my hand. Then, opening the package and pulling out the rolled condom, my little sister kneeled down in front of me and grasped my erection firmly with her left hand.

Plus, he'll be leaking, too, so give him some room to hold it. She was squeezing the base of my cock so tightly, I probably could have cum from just that, but, she released her grip as she rolled the condom down my shaft as far as it would unroll. And if you would, get the eggs, bacon and fry pan out, along with some plates and everything else we need for breakfast.

Then, reaching down to wrap her hand around my sheathed cock, Mom told me she wanted to speak to me privately in her room. I don't know who was more surprised, Cassie or me, as my mother pulled me past my wide eyed sister out of the room, tugging at my cock like a leash. Mom's fingers were wrapped tightly around my erection, and she tugged me roughly as she turned into the hallway and led me into her bedroom.

Standing there in her matronly nightgown, she pointed to her chest of drawers and told me to pick out a bra and a pair of panties for her. They were in two different drawers, the bras and slips in the top drawer and her panties, pantyhose and knee-highs in the next drawer down. My cock was at full strength as I thought about picking out a bra and panties for her -- swinging back and forth as I walked the few steps to her dresser.

You've probably seen me wearing every bras and panty I own, and I don't know how many times you've seen me naked, but, I'd venture a guess it's a lot. She was right about both things, though. I probably had seen her in every one of her bra and panties, and I'd seen her naked more times than I could recount.

I promise I won't get mad at you. I just want to know. I knew exactly when it was. There was no way I could forget it because it was superbly memorable, and hearing her say she wouldn't get mad, I decided there was no reason not to tell her about it. Beth's Mom didn't want us to stay together the night before the wedding, so I stayed over here.

You were so beautiful that night and you left your door open a little. I couldn't pass it up. And what you did? I had to take a deep breath before I could look her in the eyes. This was going to be hard, but, if there was any time to start telling the truth, it was now. She'd already told me she wouldn't get mad, and I knew once Mom had the chance to read all the stories I'd written, I probably wouldn't get much leeway from her again.

So, with all the courage I could find, I apologized again, and then told her the complete story, just as it happened Mom wasn't completely drunk, but, she was more than tipsy. She undressed, laying her dress over the back of a chair, and then dropping the rest of her clothes, including her bra and panties on the floor and stumbled into her bathroom.

When she came out, she pulled the covers down on her bed, sat down naked and then she stretched out and fell asleep on top of the covers with the light on. When I was sure she was sleeping, I snuck into her room and stood next to the bed and looked down at her. Her full breasts were rising with each breath, and each of her large nipples looked to be the perfect adornment to each breast.

It was the first time I'd been this close to her naked body, and I was absolutely fascinated with how striking she was. I picked up her panties and held them to my nose, sniffing them and searching the crotch panel for a hint of moisture and for my mother's vaginal scent - the scent I'd been familiar with for years. And when I found it, my fate was sealed. I stripped myself right there, by her bed, holding her panties to my face and inhaling them as I took my clothes off, one piece at a time.

When I was naked, I very carefully, and very slowly, spread her legs so I could see her pussy better. While I was inching her legs apart, she inadvertently helped me, moving her legs apart as she stirred, to the point where I could see her entire slit, from top to bottom. Babe Big Tits Blonde. New bra and panties.

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Finding his mother and teen lezzy action. Amateur Big Tits Bra. And as my hand moved up and down my cock, I silently prayed they wouldn't go through with this. Busty mature brunette in mini skirt talking dirty 7 min Last I remember the party was going strong.

Punished by Mother, Sister and Wife Ch. 03:

  1. When I was finished explaining to my mother what happened that night, I waited for her reaction.
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