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Kathy felt her butt cheeks being pulled apart and Sue's tongue touch her ass hole. Mary moaned and rubbed her cunt back and forth on Kathy's face. The entire time Neville played with her tits and pulled on her nipples. The urine finally reduced to a trickle and them stopped, the last few drips running down the crack of her ass. Her cunt ached. Sorry, I should have knocked. Add to Download.

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Adblock users get a week free. Cam Sex Porn Games Premium. Related Videos. Couple in romantic mood Flag this video. Add to Favorites. Add to Download. Inappropriate content. Video does not play. Spam or misleading. He stooped, placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her hole and slowly pushed it in. Kathy grunted as Murray's prick stretched her like she had never been stretched before.

She felt like he was driving a train up her cunt. He worked it in and out, lubricating it more with each stroke. Kathy was glad she had had sex with the other two men before attempt- ing Murray, otherwise she would never have managed the enormous cock. Murray still had three inches to go when he hit her cervix. When he tried to push it further, Kathy said, "It's in as far as it will go.

But carefully. It felt wonderful; at the angle they were screwing she had at least six inches of cock rubbing directly on her clit as it went in, and six more inches as it went out. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he slobbered on her tits.

After a few minutes, Murray announced, "It's all the way in, now. Having fun? Ooo, Murray, where have you been hiding that? Don't go away, I'll be right back. Whoever said that size doesn't matter, she thought, must have been a man with a small prick. Murray sped up and she could feel her orgasm building. It was going to be a big one.

Suddenly Murray grunted and pushed his cock up as far as it would go. Kathy thought it was going up her throat and out her mouth. His prick expanded even more, stretching her cunt to the limit. She felt the first spurt of his orgasm deep inside her which caused her own orgasm to hit.

She went out of her mind. They were both sweaty and panting. Kathy noticed that somehow she had wrapped both her legs around Murray's waist as he pressed her back against the wall. His prick softened and slipped out of her with a plop, and she lowered her legs to the floor. She could barely stand and stood sprawl-legged, leaning against the wall. She was not sure if she would ever be able to put her legs together again.

Cum poured out of her cunt like a waterfall. Kathy had no idea how long she had been standing there watching. Janine grabbed Murray's hand and led him over to the couch in the living room. Sitting him down she dropped to her knees and began resuscitating his cock with her mouth. Kathy picked up her dress and put it back on. There were gobs of cum down the front of it where it had dripped out of her cunt.

She scooped up a bit with her finger and tasted it; she was surprised it did not taste exactly like Paul's. She walked back into the games room and poured herself another drink. The scene in the room was unbelievable. Pat had Nailene on her back on the pool table with her long legs over his shoulders.

He was busy licking her cunt. Frank was still screwing Wendy who was also sucking on Neville's cock. From the noises she was making, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Mary and Judy were both naked. They stood near the couch watching the three on the couch. Kathy realized with a shock the two women were fingering each other's slits. Noticing someone had come into the room, Mary turned her head and looked at Kathy.

She removed her hand from Judy's pussy and turned to face the newcomer. Judy turned, too. They put their arms around each other's waist. You want to join us? They were obviously true. But Judy! At twenty four she was the youngest one there. She was also the prettiest with long blonde hair, natural, Kathy confirmed with a quick glance down, sea green eyes, perfect nose, pouty lips, large firm breasts.

Kathy shook her head. What was she thinking? Linked arm in arm, the two walked to the door. Finally she said, "Ok. But just to watch. Glancing at the couch in the living room she saw that Janine had managed to get Murray's cock stiff and, straddling his legs, was busy trying to stuff it into her cunt. Kathy followed Mary and Judy up the stairs.

She found she could not keep her eyes off of Judy's perfect ass. Once in the bedroom the two embraced and kissed each other. It was a long, tongue kiss. Kathy felt slightly embarrassed. Breaking their kiss they turned to her. While Judy rubbed Kathy's tits through the material of her dress, Mary unzipped the dress from behind and pulled it down. Kathy then felt Mary's hand reach between her legs from behind and stroke her cunt with her fingers.

At the same time Judy kissed her on the lips. Kathy found the kiss very different from a man's. It was much softer. She found herself kissing the young woman back, their tongues entwining, and rubbing Judy's tits like Judy was rubbing hers. Mary's fingers were working wonders on her and she felt herself getting hot again, not that she had ever cooled down.

They moved Kathy over to the bed and laid her down. Mary lay down next to her and started kissing her while continuing to work her cunt with her fingers. Judy had taken one of Kathy's nipples in her mouth and was gently sucking and biting on it. Mary removed her fingers from Kathy's cunt and rubbed them around Kathy's lips.

Involuntarily, Kathy opened her mouth and Mary put the fingers in, letting Kathy suck on them. In the meantime Judy had made her way between Kathy's legs and, spreading them, proceeded to lick her slit. Kathy jumped when she felt the woman's tongue invade her most private part but soon settled down, enjoying the exquisite feeling. Mary kissed Kathy and rubbed her tits. Kathy could only agree.

Judy licked up and down Kathy's slit and fluttered her tongue over her clit. Kathy could feel another orgasm building. Long deep probes of Judy's tongue in her hole almost sent her over the top. Suddenly Mary straddling her face. She looked up and found herself staring right into Mary's cunt. Kathy had never taken a real close-up look at a cunt before, not even her own.

Mary's slit was over four inches long and the red inner lips protruded quite a bit. Kathy noticed she had a large clitoris and, more surprisingly, that Mary shaved the area around her slit. With its wrinkles, lumps, folds and deep pink insides it looked quite ugly, but strangely beautiful in its own way. She watched as one of Mary's fingers rubbed her slit. Stray drops of cunt juice dripped onto her face.

Mary's cunt descended closer to Kathy's face. Kathy found the smell if it to be strong but not unpleasant. What Judy was doing felt so good that Kathy could see no reason not to give Mary the same pleasure. She stuck her tongue out as Mary's cunt pressed against her mouth.

Kathy worked her tongue into Mary's hole. She licked around the folds of her cunt and flicked at the large clit with her tongue. Mary helped by spreading her cunt lips with her fingers. Kathy's own orgasm was building and, as it flowed over her, she found herself moaning into Mary's crotch.

Mary remained sitting on Kathy's face but Judy got up and straddled her stomach. Kathy could not see anything but could hear the two women kissing as they rubbed her tits. Mary moaned and rubbed her cunt back and forth on Kathy's face. The pace of the movement picked up until Mary cried out with her orgasm. Do me!

Mary laid the younger woman on her right side and pushed her left leg up. Kathy was instructed to lick Judy's moist slit. Judy's cunt smelled and tasted differently to Mary's, not quite as strong. This time she could see what she was doing. Like Judy did to her, she concentrated most of her tongue action to the woman's clit. Mary got on the other side of Judy and spread her ass cheeks.

Kathy could hardly believe it when Mary started tonguing Judy's puckered little ass hole. Stick your tongue in deeper. Oh, I love it. All of a sudden Kathy felt Judy's fingers on her own slit, rubbing her swollen clit. She raised her leg to give the woman better access. In no time Judy came, Kathy following shortly after.

Kathy looked up. It was Neville. Frank was with him and they held Wendy between them. All three were stark naked. At the foot of the bed Frank positioning himself between her legs. Technically, I'm being raped here, Kathy thought to herself. But instead of screaming or struggling, she sucked the limp prick she found hanging by her face into her mouth. Neville was more than happy to let her do so and responded by growing hard again.

Kathy had never had a cock grow big in her mouth and she liked the experience. Frank banged away at her cunt hard and fast. Since he had only recently come, he lasted a long time and Kathy had three more orgasms. While he fucked her, she ministered to Neville's now hard cock. She sucked on it, licked around its head and tongued the entire length of its underside. She pulled him up into a kneeling position over her head and licked his balls, at one point taking the entire hairy bag into her mouth.

The entire time Neville played with her tits and pulled on her nipples. Frank finally came with a grunt, depositing his sperm deep in Kathy's cunt. When he had decunted, Neville got up and walked around to the foot of the bed. He flipped Kathy onto her hands and knees and entered her effortlessly, fucking her doggy style. Kathy pushed back at his thrusts, her tits bouncing with each jolt.

Mary, Judy and Wendy were lying on the floor in a daisy chain. Mary noticed her looking and broke the chain. She and Judy picked Wendy up, positioned her on the bed in front of Kathy and spread her legs. Without hesitation, Kathy lapped at the woman's cunt while Mary and Judy sucked on Kathy's hard nipples and played with themselves.

Neville's pile driving into her cunt caused Kathy to come again. Wendy came at the same time, thrashing about on the bed. Neville shot his wad into Kathy and drew his cock out of her. It was time for a rest. Frank had gone and brought back two six packs of beer which he distributed to the orgyists. Kathy gladly accepted the can proffered to her and drank it down even though she did not normally like beer.

It was refreshing. Kathy had to go to the bathroom and got up off the bed. As she walked out of the room the orgy started to show signs of life again. Frank had pushed Judy on her back and was licking her cunt and Wendy and Mary alternated sucking on Neville's prick. Kathy left anyway. Cum streamed down her legs as Kathy walked to her bedroom but she paid it no mind. Her bladder was full and she had to go.

Entering the bedroom she saw Sue on the bed sucking on Ben's big, black cock. Paul was on the bed licking Sue's cunt and stroking his limp prick at the same time. Sue took the black cock from her mouth. She sat on the toilet and took a much needed piss. The toilet paper she used to wipe herself had more cum on it than urine.

Glancing up she saw she had forgot to close the door. Ben and Sue were looking at her, his hard cock back in Sue's mouth. Kathy walked back into the bedroom and watched Sue suck on it for a few moments until Ben pushed Sue's head away and pulled Kathy down on top of him. She straddled his stomach and moved back, allowing him to ease his prick into her. She had always fantasized about screwing a black man.

Now she was doing it. They set a slow pace. Kathy's nipples rubbed and stiffened against Ben's muscular, black chest. She closed her eyes and let the sensations flow through her. Unexpectedly, a wet finger touched her ass hole. With a dreamy look, she glanced behind her.

Sue had her hand on Kathy's butt, stroking her anus. The finger in her ass felt even better. You want me to lick your ass hole? If you would. Kathy felt her butt cheeks being pulled apart and Sue's tongue touch her ass hole. Kathy stopped moving, letting Ben work at slipping his cock in and out of her. She kissed Ben, forcing her tongue into his mouth and mewing with delight.

Sue licked all around Kathy's wrinkled little hole, her darting tongue giving Kathy great pleasure. It was too much; Kathy felt herself tipping over the edge. You can do that to me anytime you want. Cam Sex Porn Games Premium. Related Videos. MILF, teen and horny dude. Add to Favorites.

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Harry's hands were busy on her tits, squeezing and rubbing them as he fucked her. Neville was Judy's husband. Works every time.

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Breaking their kiss they turned to her. Again she tried to look into the laundry but again Kathy blocked her view. Maliha Tabassum January 30, at 6: She pulled him up into a kneeling position over her head and licked his balls, at one point taking the entire hairy bag into her mouth. With one hand still on her pussy, Murray used the other to help get the monster out.

Kathy had heard, from Mary of course, that Wendy had still been a virgin when she married Murray. Patrick's Day S Solo Male. She couldn't stop him, or herself.

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